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June 2011

Norman Smith and Developer Gail Montplaisir celebrate 5 years of the first residential green roof.

November 2009

A recent residential project re-interprets the bathroom into a light-filled, aqueous space.

November 2009

NSA is pleased to support the 2009 Rappahannock Studio and Gallery Tour 2009.

November 2009

Another NSA project wins the competition for best and most cost effective remodeling on HGTV’s Bang for Your Buck.

July 2009

NSA releases the preliminary, conceptual design for a project in the Atlas District of H St.

June 2009

NSA is pleased to feature the use of passive solar shading devices and high shading coefficient glazing in a recent project.

September 2008

A new high-rise residential project utilizes colored glazing and brise soleil devices to fill units with a mix of light and shadow.

August 2008

NSA features a modern re-interpretation of the home hearth in a recent residential project.

June 2008

NSA employs sustainable materials and design in a speculative, high-rise residential project.

June 2007

NSA blends pragmatism and simplicity in solving real-world problems.

April 2007

NSA spotlights the use of sustainable structural elements in a Bethesda home.

January 2006

A residential project in an historic neighborhood introduces modern space into a modified historic envelope.

December 2005

NSA blends tradition and modernity in a residential project in a Washington DC historic district.