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A Gradual Incline
Making a Steep Basement Entry Easier to Use

Washington Post, March 1997

A Floating Divider
Privacy Between Rooms Plus Storage or Display
Washington Post, November 1996

A Folly With a Purpose
An Architectural Element Provides Cover for the Front Steps
Washington Post, December 1995

A Panel Discussion
How to Make Better Use of a Basement With Temporary Partitions
Washington Post, September 1994

A Path With Less Resistance
Diverting Traffic in a Kitchen That Doubles as a Hallway
Washington Post, August 1994

A Corner Garden View
Custom Windows Open a Family Room Addition to the Outdoors
Washington Post, April 1993

A New Flame
Adding a Fireplace by Way of a Bay

Washington Post, October 1990

A Facade Takes Wing
Adding Graceful Walls Is A Centuries-Old Device
Washington Post, April 1990

A Hall With a View
Opening Up a Wall and Adding French Doors Makes a Small House Feel Expansive
Washington Post, February 1989