Our Farmhouse Project

November 5, 2012

We recently finished this remodeling of an addition to a farmhouse in the Shenandoah Mountains. We have posted seven scouting images here and will have finished images shortly. Read More »

Catholic University project

March 20, 2012

I am pleased to be working with Catholic University of America on the remodeling of one of their engineering labs and to possibly adding a green, living wall as part of the next construction...

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New multi-family project

March 15, 2012

I am pleased to be working with Capital City Real Estate as a new multi-family development client for a project in the H Street...

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H Street Festival 2011

September 27, 2011

The second time for the Action Architecture was even more successful and the weather was beautiful. We were located in the ‘Green’ section of the Festival, with DC Greenworks, Taurus and other sustainably–oriented...

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CFL lamps

January 18, 2011

I have been advising my residential clients to always use screw-in CFL lamps (bulbs) instead of incandescent lamps but it’s important to remember that the color temperature of some CFL lamps is different than the yellowish light of an incandescent so the color rendition may be off. We usually try to use lamps with a +/- 3500 degree Kelvin color...

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More H Street Development in the Works

November 11, 2010

Excerpted from DCmud

See more pictures of this project in one of my recent blog...

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H Street Festival

September 22, 2010

For the first time, I offered ‘ Action Architecture’ 30 minute architectural consultations, free of charge at the H Street Festival. Some of them went a lot longer than 30 minutes -you know how architects like to talk. We had quite a few satisfied, short-term clients....

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BPI Curriculum

June 15, 2010

In partnership with Taurus Development Group and United Communities Against Poverty, we have created a new (BPI) Building Performance Institute Curriculum and are teaching the fundamentals of building science to potential green-collar job...

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Our new site has gone live!

May 27, 2010

We have redesigned our...

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Another H St. Project

April 12, 2010

We have been commissioned to prepare preliminary concept drawings for a mixed-use project on H street, NE. Read More »