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Norman Smith Architecture is dedicated to an innovative, provocative and thoroughly modern approach to architecture and design. Each project integrates the real-world needs of clients with a contemporary design vision to create singular works of architecture. While the vision remains constant, each project is individual and particular.

The firm’s work ranges from custom furniture to multi-family residential and institutional projects. The work is detailed, imaginative, tactile, colorful, and buildable.

Norman Smith, AIA has over 25 years experience in architecture and construction. He has won numerous awards and has written several books on design as well as having written the by design column for the Washington Post, Detroit News and Miami Herald. The firm’s work has been covered in magazines, newspapers, television and other media.

The firm’s architectural staff includes architects and designers with residential and non-residential design expertise in both the United States and overseas, experience in building construction, building codes, energy efficiency, computer modeling, construction management, fabrications and many other facets of the architectural and construction professions.